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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Today's Tip - Scrapbooking Terms (M)

Magnetic Album - A photo album which uses a special adhesive to hold photographs in place and creates static for the plastic page cover to cling to. These are not suitable for scrapbooking.
MAMBI - Abbreviation for: Me and My Big Ideas (product brand)
Matte or Matting - A surface that has no glossy appearance or a lustred look/finish.
Matting - Matting is a technique that allows you to enhance your photos by adding a border around the outside edges. The border is, most often, made from an acid-free paper that looks almost like a frame. Matting is also a non-permanent way of cropping your pictures.
Master Family Album - Holds photographs of everyone in the family and family documents, typically in chronological order.
Memorabilia - Certificates, documents and other items that tell a story. Memorabilia can include souvenirs from trips and mementos from special occasions or historical events.
Memory or Keepsake Album - Another term for a scrapbook.
MM - Abbreviation for: Memory Makers Magazine OR Mustard Moon (product brand) OR Making Memories (product brand)
Monochromatic Colour Scheme - Employs different values of the same colour.
Mount - To adhere a photograph, embellishment or other item to another piece of paper.
Mounting Squares - A small square of double sided tape-like adhesive dispensed from boxes.
Mosaic - Technique in scrapbooking where you cut photos, paper, etc. into small shapes and then piece them together to create a mosaic look.
Mulberry Paper - This paper has long fibers that create a feathered look when torn. It's available in various textures, weights, and colours.
Muted Colors - Subdued tints or shades of colours that tend to be more suitable for backgrounds.

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