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Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Great-Niece on Her First Halloween

First Halloween

Today's Tip!

Cleaning Clear Stamps

Baby wipes work like a charm!  Even if stamping with both inks and acrylic paints, I grab a baby wipe and it got it all off.  AND all the ink and paint that was on my hands too!

No harsh chemicals or special stamp cleaner needed, just a pack of baby wipes. Since one wipe can clean multiple stamp surfaces, you can put the wipe in a plastic bag to stay moist and use it again later!

Friday, October 30, 2009

How about a Prize????

All blog posts from November 1 to November 7 will be entered into a draw for a prize!!!!

So start blogging!!!!!  Let us know what you've been up to!!!!  Maybe show us some of your work.  Maybe you have a question, comments, or new technique/tool?  We'd love to ooohhh and ahhhhh over any or all of it.

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Anybody going to be scrapbooking this weekend?

Can't wait to see some halloween layouts!!!!!!

Today's Tip!

Hide journaling and/or squeeze more photos on a page

Do you have more pictures for a layout than you have space for?  Or do you simply want to hide your journalling?

One option is to choose one of the photos and turn it into a 'pocket'.  Simply use adhere only the sides and bottom of the photo/matting and you have your journaling pocket!  Just slip your photo or journaling into the pocket, making sure it sticks out enough that you'll notice it's there, attach some ribbon at the top to pull it out, and you're done!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today's Tip!

Carpet Tape

Carpet tape is, apparently, acid-free, double-sided tape used for laying carpets but it can also be used in cardmaking and act as a scrapbooking adhesive for embellishments and glitter.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today's Tip!

Remove a rub-on without damaging your layout!

Use double sided tape to "peel" a misplaced or skewed rub-on from your photo or paper.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today's Tip

Save Money on Foam Adhesive Dots

When I use 3-D foam adhesive dots, I don't waste anything!!

Save the areas left when the circles are punched out!  They are sticky too and can been easily torn or cut out.  Use them under things that won't show! You'll get twice the product for the money!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Today's Tip!

Too Many Pictures? Try This!

When you have too many pictures from an event and don't want to create multiple layouts, consider a mini album within the page to showcase those extra pictures.  Mat the mini album in coordinating paper and tie together with a ribbon, raffia, or fancy closure.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

NOTE re: Multiply Site

Please note that I have CANCELLED the Multiply site ( and THIS will be the new MAIN site for Ladybug Layouts.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but I think that this site is a much better fit for our needs.

See you soon!!!!!

Today's Tip

Preparing for a Scrapbook Crop

This makes so much sence in my head, but if I could just put into practice.

Preparation is everthing when going to a crop. It always seems that I take WAY more than I could ever hope to use and the one thing I need is sitting in my studio at home. This isn't suppose to be stressful - it's suppose to be fun and relaxing. Being organized is the key.

Organizing Paper - How is your paper organized? By color? By theme? In some other fashion? Or maybe it's still in the planning stages (wink, wink). Wouldn't it be nice to have all your papers sorted, protected, and easy to find? This is my goal.

Embellishments - this is the easiest for me to organize. I LOVE my emebellishment storage!!!! Pick your favorite storage method and take the time to organize it ONCE. Then everything will be easy to find, and use!

Stickers -another tough challenge. I've tried a number of ways to store these and find that accordion folders work the best for me. I have them sorted by holidays, words and letters, etc...

Tools - only take the necessities! Check with your crop organizer to find out what, if any, tools will be available so that you don't need to bring bulky items like my die cutting machine, embossing tool, ribbon iron (yes, I have one of these), and many other tools. Check with your crop cropping buddies to see what they are bringing and avoid doubling-up. I have even heard of crops where computers and printers are set up to assist you with your journalling!

Of course, for the highly organized, make up page layout kits. Each kit should include everything needed to complete your layout; papers/cardstock, embellishments, photos/memorabilia, etc. The only thing not in your kit should be adhesive.

You are now ready for your next class, crop, or weekend retreat!!!!!

Label everything! It will make your search much easier.

Having Blogging Issues....

.... darn it.  Hopefully figure it out soon!!!!!

Today's Tip

Journaling is so important in scrapbooking, it tells our story for future generations. We all have photos or albums where there are people, places, or times that we can not easily identify. We always intend to sort those out, but then life gets busy, loved ones pass on and, with those, we lose the knowledge and important details.

I know, for many of us, journally feels like a chore, but it can be fun. Use your creativity to display your journaling in interesting ways. Use embellishments to replace letters or words....have fun! And I will try to practice what I preach..... I promise!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Today's Tip

Great Way to Preserve your Child's Artwork!

Do you have no place to store that precious artwork of your child? Is there absolutely no way it will fit in your album?

Here is a great tip!
Scan the artwork adjust to the size you would like and then print on acid free paper. Now you have wonderful scrapbook paper for their album!

Work in progress

This is definitely still a work in progress, but if you have any pointers for me, let me know!!!!!

Okay, new plan......

Got a new laptop today and plan is to make use of this blog!!!! Plan to update it WAY more often and use it to stay in touch with my scrapbooking friends!!!! Wish me luck!!!!