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2011 Retreat Dates

June 3-5 (CANCELLED due to location issues)
October 21-23, December 2-4 (BOTH CANCELLED due to family committments)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Contest Results

Well, the contest period has closed, and then some, and no posts to the blog.... so no winner :(   I guess I get to keep the prize.

But, we're closing in on 250 hits to the blog!!!  Woohoo.

Anything you want to see here?  Let me know!

Today's Tip

Do you tend to have a hard time recalling specific details to an event? Then bring along a small notebook with you and quickly jot down answers to date and place of event, people, highlights, activities, feelings. Then tear out these handwritten notes and place them with your photos. Whenever you're ready to create your layouts, you'll have all the handy answers on hand.