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2011 Retreat Dates

June 3-5 (CANCELLED due to location issues)
October 21-23, December 2-4 (BOTH CANCELLED due to family committments)
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Weekend

Is of to see six of my wonderful nieces and nephews! Have a great

Denise aka Aunt2Jaymz
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Today's Tip! - Card Crafting Basics - Embossing

This is an excerpt from a July 2006 article in CardMaker magazine:
Card Crafting Basics
Card crafting is easy, creative and fun. Collect basic tools and supplies, learn a few simple terms and techniques, and you're ready to start. The possibilities abound!

Dry embossing - Use a light source, stencil, card stock and stylus tool.  Add color, or leave raised areas plain.
Heat embossing - Use embossing powder, ink, card stock and a heat tool to creat raised designs and textures.  Powders come in a wide range of colors.  Fine grain is called "detail" and heavier called "ultrathick."  Embossing powders will not stick to most dye inks - use pigment inks or special clear embossing inks for best results.