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Friday, June 4, 2010

Today's Tip - Scrapbooking Tips (S)

Scrapbooking - The creative art of displaying your photos and memorabilia. Can incorporate journaling, and embellishments. The primary purpose of scrapbooking is to preserve memories for future generations, but a secondary purpose often is to exercise your creativity as you display your memories in a scrapbook.
Scrap lift - To use an idea for part or whole of a page layout you’ve seen someone else use.
Scroll and Brush Pens - Pens that have one tip for coloring and one for writing.
Secondary Colors - Colors created by blending primary colors. Orange, green and violet are the secondary colors created b mixing a combination of red, yellow and blue.
Self Healing Mat - A mat that can be repeatedly cut and still retains its form.
SEI - Abbreviation for a US scrapbooking company.
Serendipity Squares - Squares made by creating a torn collage of scraps on a background paper, then cutting it into squares and mounting on complimentary cardstock.
Setter - A tool used in attaching eyelets.
Shabby Chic - A style of scrapbooking that includes sanding, crumpling, and distressing paper to give an old and worn look to your page.
Shade - A colour with black added to it.
Shaker Box - A new trend (similar to a snow globe but without the water.) Use a die-cut and a piece cut out from a sheet protector. Seal in bits of confetti or small beads etc.
Shape Cutters - Tools designed to cut shapes (circles, ovals, stars, etc.). The scrapbooking cutters can be adjusted to create different sizes of these shapes.
Side Loading - Page protectors that slide over your album pages and are sealed at the top and bottom.
Sizzix - A brand of personal die cutting system.
Specialty Paper Books - Books that contain information about different papers, both pattern paper and plain. Some may come with extras, such as templates.
Spiral-Bound Books - Albums that are secured with a metal or plastic spiral binding running up the side of the album.
Sticker - A decorative adhesive used to embellish a page. Ranging in size from a few centimeters across to a full page.
Sponging - The transfer of ink to paper using a small sponge (usually a cosmetic or craft sponge) in place of a brush. The ink is applied to the sponge and then the sponge is dabbed/tapped lightly onto a piece of paper leaving a series of small dots. A sponge with many holes, squeezed tightly while sponging, will produce a beautiful lacy effect.
Stencil - A plastic pre-cut template used to trace and cut shapes. Usually used on paper and/or photos. They may also be used to apply paint/chalk to a surface in a contrasting colour.
Strap-Hinge Albums - Scrapbooking albums secured with plastic straps that run through a holder directly on the pages and keep the book in place.
Stylus - A wood/plastic/metal tool (in the shape of a stick) with blunt, rounded ends used to deboss paper (also known as a burnisher or a dry embossing tool).