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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cinch Bindery Tool vs Bind It All

I have the pink Bind It All (BIA) and it's been great and easy to use in the little book projects I've done so far.
Now, the Cinch Bindery Tool is coming out.

Is it really that much different?  My BIA has done everything I've needed it to so far and is really easy to use.  Only limitation I've found has been the thickness of material to punch, but I can't see that this one takes anything thicker.

What are your thoughts? I can't see how I would need this tool.

Today's Tip! - Crafty Storage blog

Stumbled across this blog called, "Crafty Storage".  There are some GREAT ideas!!!!

I encourage you to browse the site as there are many ideas, and tips, and even some rooms that will make you go WOW!!!!!