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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today's Tip - Scrapbooking Terms (C)

Calligraphy - Formal, old fashioned lettering.
Cardstock - Sturdy paper, available in a variety of weights for scrapbooking.
CASE - Copy And Steal Everything: Means copying layouts. Also called Scraplifting.
Chalk - Not regular children's chalk, this is specially designed to be safe for Scrapbooking and used in similar paper arts.
Chalking - The art of using chalks to enhance your scrapbook pages.
Charms - Metal, paper or other type of small object that can be added to your scrapbook as an embellishment.
Clip Art - Art purchased in book or software from that can be applied to scrap booking pages.
Collage - An artistic composition made of various materials (paper, cloth, wood) that are glued onto a surface.
Colour Wheel - Shows colour relationships and placement.
Coluzzle - A plastic tool used to guide the cutting of various shapes. You need to use a craft knife as the cutting instrument.
Corner-Edged Scissors - Scissors that cut corners. Each pair creates four different types of corners.
Corrugated Paper - Thick, wavy cardstock available in many colours.
Cricut - Electronic die-cutting machine to cut words and shapes in a variety of sizes.
Crop - A term used for a gathering of Scrapbookers to work on their albums, and page layouts...’A Crop’. Can also be a formally hosted event with an expert who shares techniques, products, and information with the group.
Crop/Cropping - To cut or trim a photograph... to highlight a certain area, or cut out unwanted activity, or simply changing the photograph's shape.
Cropper Hopper - A brand of carrying tote for all your scrapbooking materials etc.

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