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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today's Tip - Scrapbooking Terms (B)

Basic Templates - Templates in basic shapes such as circles, squares, ovals.
Beads - Come in many different shapes and sizes and can be attached with glue, on wire, sewn on etc.
Blocking - When two materials stick together unintentionally. For instance, a photograph sticking to the back of the next page or photo album sleeve.
BOM - Abbreviation for: Book of Me, a book by Angie Pedersen about creating a scrapbook all about your life.
Bone Folder - A tool that's used to impress a fine line or crease onto a piece of paper or cardstock to make folding the paper much easier and provides a neater fold. Although called bone folders, they can also be made out of plastic
Border - The margins of a scrapbook page. Usually spoken of in terms of decoration.
Brads - Similar to typical offices split pins but are found in many different sizes, shapes and colours. Very commonly used for an embellishment.
Buffered - Products capable of maintaining the core of a solution. (Buffered paper prevents acid from moving from a photograph to a paper).
Button - Come in many different shapes, styles and colours. There are also many buttons that are made specifically for scrapbooking. They are thin, flat and can be attached with fibers, thread or glue.

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