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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today's Tip - Srapbooking Terms (P)

Page Protectors - Acid-free plastic sheets that display and protect pages.
Paper Piecing - Die cuts or punches put together to create an image for your scrapbook page.
Paper tearing - A technique in scrapbooking where you tear paper, rather than cutting it to create a unique texture.
Page Toppers - Hand-drawn illustrated phrases in bright colours meant to be used as titles at the top of pages.
Paint Pens - Pens with soft, brush-like tips. The amount of ink dispensed is controlled by the pressure that is applied to the tip.
Paper Trimmer - Paper-cutting tool. Can be a rotary blade, or guillotine action.
Pattern Paper - Paper with designs repeated on the entire page.
PC - Abbreviation for: Provo Craft (product brand)
Perforated Punches - Shapes that the scrapbooker can use as embellishments on a page by punching out on the perforations.
Pergamano - A particular card crafting style that utilizes vellum and punches. Normally in pergamano, you apply colour only to the back side of the vellum. This creates a light and airy effect.
Permanent - Stands the test of time resisting chemical breakdown. Also can mean unmovable.
pH Level - Measurement that tells a scrapbooker how acidic or basic something is. For scrapbooking, you want to use products with a pH level of 7 or above.
pH Testing Pen - A pen used to test the acidity of paper. The pen mark changes colours, depending on the level of acid present.
Photo Activity Test (P.A.T.) - This test, created by the American National Standards Institute, determines if a product will damage photographs. If a product passes the P.A.T., it is safe to use with your photos.
Photo Corners - Paper with adhesive on the back used to stick photographs to a page on the corners. Used to stick photos without applying adhesive directly to the photograph.
Photo Safe - Acid and lignin free.
PI - Abbreviation for: Pebbles Inc (product brand)
Pigma Pen - Pen with special pigment that is acid free and permanent.
Pocket Page - A scrapbook page with a built in pocket. Useful for holding memorabilia you may want to take out and look at like programs or other booklets.
Polypropylene, Polyethylene and Polyester - Stable plastics which are safe for photographs.
Post-Bound Albums - Scrapbooking albums that are held together with metal posts that run through the pages.
Power Punch - A great tool used with punches that saves your thumb from blisters. Also makes punching a lot easier with less effort.
Pre-Embossed Paper - Paper with a raised design. Some of it is thick, like cardstock, and some is vellum.
Product Swap - When scrapbookers swap/trade unwanted scrapbooking items.
Punch - 1. A tool used to create small shapes. 2. The shapes created by the punches.
Puzzle Templates - Templates in puzzle shapes.
PVC (Polyvinyl Chlorides) - Because this substance is harmful to photographs, scrapbookers should avoid it and use products that are composed of polypropylene.

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