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Monday, May 24, 2010

Today's Tip - Scrapbooking Terms (H)

Hand Tinting (Also photo tinting) - A method of applying colour to a black and white photograph.
Handmade Paper - Paper made by hand that is often rough and uneven in texture. Sometimes there are flowers and leaves in the paper which can add a natural look to your scrapbook.
Handmade Scraps - Scrapbook supplies made from layered-looking die-cuts.
Heading - The caption or title that explains the theme of a layout.
Heat Gun - Also known as a thermal or embossing gun. A hobby tool that produces heat, but not air. It's used primarily to emboss.
Heritage - Traditions passed down from generation to generation.
Hermafix/Herma - A brand of dispensing tool for photo mounting squares.
Hinge Album - A plastic strap binding allows your albums to expand. These tend to lay flatter than the post bound albums.

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