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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today's Tip - Scrapbooking Terms (D)

Dauber - A round miniature stamp pad which can be dabbed onto a stamp to apply ink
Dauber Duo - A dauber applicator with a different colour or shade on each end.
Deacidification - This is a common term for a chemical treatment that removes acid in paper and lays down an alkaline buffer to counteract further acid attack. Deacidification technically refers only to the removal of acid present at the time of treatment, not to the addition of a buffer. Deacidification increases the chemical stability of paper but it does not restore strength or flexibility to brittle paper.
Deacidification Spray - Spray that neutralizes acid in newspaper clippings, certificates and other documents. (e.g. Archival Mist)
Decorative Ruler - A normal ruler with a special edge used in designing scrapbook pages.
Decorative Scissors - Scissors with a decorative pattern on the blade.
Degradation - Materials breaking down or changing appearance from the original state or appearance. Typically paper or photographs yellowing and becoming brittle.
Dry Brushing - Applying chalk or paint to a brush or sponge and removing most of it by wiping/dabbing it on a piece of paper or rag before using it. This prevents the paint from bleeding under the edges of a stencil, and chalk from looking to dark.
Dry Embossing/Debossing - To make a raised image by pushing the paper up using a stylus from the backside. Also called blind embossing.
Die-Cuts - Paper designs cut from die cut machines.
Double-Mount - To place a photo on two background papers.

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