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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today's Tip! - More Photo Organization

Ways to Organize Photos of Any Kind

  1. Time and Place - Set aside a time when you can sit uninterrupted. Depending on how many photos you have, taking the time to organize them can be very time-consuming and will take more than one session. Decide on a place that allows you to spread out.
  2. Gather - Gather all of your photos from everywhere in the house. Include every closet, drawer, box, nook, and table where they have been accumulating.  Don't forget the portrait extras and smaller photos from holidays or school pictures.
  3. Sort Chronologically - Sort through every envelope. First, group them by year, then go through each year and sort by month. If you did not have the date on the photo, make your best estimation. It is better to give a rough estimate now than to try guessing 10 years from now or, worse yet, leaving it for others to figure out. This is the most commonly used way to organize photos.
    Or Sort by Categories - Simply make a group of categories appropriate for your family.  Some examples may be friends, family, vacations, school, kids, grandchildren, graduations, holidays, birthdays, or religious events.  This method is not used as frequently because there tends to be categories that overlap and it is difficult to divide the photos.
  4. Label - As you go through each pile or envelope, label the back.  You should include the full names of people in the photo,the date, the location, and the event. Use a special pen made only for this purpose. Do not use a regular pen because it makes indentions on the front of the photo.
  5. Delete - Remember you don't have to keep every photo that you take. Some just end up not being, so don't feel guilty. Throw away, or pass on, any duplicates that no longer have a use.  This will sometimes cut down the pile considerably and make your task easier.
  6. Start Somewhere - A good way is to just pick an event such as a birthday or a recent month or year. You could always work backwards when you have extra time. It is best to pick a recent time and move forward until you are caught up to the present. It keeps you motivated and at least currrent on your present photos.

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