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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today's Tip! - Card Crafting Basics - Scoring & Folding

This is an excerpt from a July 2006 article in CardMaker magazine:
Card Crafting Basics
Card crafting is easy, creative and fun. Collect basic tools and supplies, learn a few simple terms and techniques, and you're ready to start. The possibilities abound!

Scoring and Folding
Folding - Mountain folds-up, valley folds-down.  Most patterns will hae different types of dotted lines to denote mountain or valley folds.
Tools - Scoring tool and bone folder.  Fingernails will scar the surface of the paper.


  1. Thanks for the terms etc. I am a self taught card maker and these tips are just the "bits" I needed.

  2. Thanks! That's exactly why I posted them..... worked the same for me. I see an article somewhere and there are unfamiliar terms to me, so as I learn, I share.

    Happy Sunday!