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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today's Tip! - An Embellishment Organizer For All Crafts

An Embellishment Organizer For All Crafts

An embellishment organizer is THE answer to organizing your collection. If you scrapbook or do other crafts that require small items then you know the importance of keeping everything organized.

What do you use?  Why does it work for you?

Here are my current favorites:

Embellishments add such a quality to any scrapbook page.  But don't let the amount of embellishments available today intimidate you, simply organize them from the beginning.  Choose the right size organizer for your collection but always leave some extra space for growth.


  1. I have seen those same containers at our local scrapbooking store and seriously considered purchasing one. My system right now is various $1 store 5"x8" (approx) plastic containers with sections. Those work great except I hate to take them to a weekend event - they are too cumbersome to cart about - especially when you have 8 of them to carry. I thought of a tackle box but they don't seal the tops of the trays - so I am still looking.

  2. I know what you mean. I used to use those containers, but what I like about the Craft Mates is that the containers are smaller, they open individually, and nothing crosses over into adjoining sections. Plus, another bonus, is if you organize well, you can mix and match and only take what you need when travelling.

    I still use my big tackle box, but it is strictly for ribbon now. This system works for me at the moment.