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Monday, April 12, 2010

SCAL - Sure Cuts A Lot

Does anybody out there have it?

I do, but haven't played around with it too much.  What are your thoughts?  Benefits?  Limitations?  Ease of use?

Anybody have any good Cut Files to share?


  1. I love SCAL !! The advantages are unlimited. I own 1 cartridge, yep, that's all. And that's the one that came with my Cricut Expression. (plus you have to have one in the slot for SCAL to function). I have downloaded all of the free svg's from You can download dingbats and even trace around something that you have in a photo for a silhouette. I even signed my "blog" name with a marker, scanned it and SCAL2 traced it. I made a sticker of my signature!!! How cool is that? I see no disadvantages of it over cartridges. I bought SCAL, the upgraded for $30 more to SCAL2 and have not had to spend anything on those pricy cartridges. I have bought several cuts that I especially liked from svgcuts. All in all...wonderful program. If you want that portability they use with the Gypsy... get a netbook, download SCAL2 to it (since you can use up to 2 computers with it)..and you can get it for around the same price as the Gypsy and take it anywhere too. Hope I didn't rave on this too much for you....It's a great program !!

  2. I love all of your positive comments and can't WAIT to get into it more. Tonight I worked on some mini-brag books and had so many ideas on how to use SCAL to jazz them up even more!!!!

    Thank you!