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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Today's Tip!

What is ephemera?

Ephemera is anything that wouldn't normally be considered something to collect, save, cherish or keep (or for that matter, display on a scrapbook page). Make sense? If not, here's a list of some items that might be considered ephemera (and this is just a very small list):
  • playing cards
  • postcards
  • dominoes
  • tarot cards
  • coin and paper money
  • ticket stubs
  • lottery tickets
  • game pieces
  • office objects like paper clips, post its, Rolodex cards
  • keys
  • toothpicks
  • tiles or mosaics
  • old maps
  • miniature items such as those found in doll house stores
  • compasses
  • glass
  • watch parts
  • packaging of all kinds
  • magazine ads
  • old book pages
  • wire
  • plastic and acryllic
  • feathers, leaves etc.
  • film or film strip materials
  • chop sticks
  • fabrics, especially antique
  • flat pebbles and stones
Several companies offer ephemera, but most of the time you can find these items just by looking through your junk drawer or office supplies. Using ephemera on a page (or altered project) adds a unique and creative element.

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