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Friday, February 5, 2010

Today's Tip!

Journaling Protection

Do you ever find that it is sometimes easy to get journaling tags, etc. caught up on the pockets they are in. People who are looking in the album are not as gentle as we are when putting journaling back in place, and embellishments will fall off or paper frays. So I have started to add a "paper roll" to the edge of pockets.

Cut a strip of some lovely paper, the length of the pocket opening, width about 1"1/2 - 30mm or more.

Roll it lengthwise, it might be easier to do this using a skewer or similar.

Leave about half inch straight, hanging off. This is the bit where you put the glue so you can attach the roll to the inside of the pocket front.

The rolls might flatten over time, but they will still help. You can use the rolls for further embellishments too, eg. drawing fibers through them and all sorts!

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