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Friday, January 1, 2010

Get Organized Challenge - Week 1

“Cluttered surroundings create a chaotic environment, an extra level of static in our brains that can only hinder our creativity and enjoyment of what we are doing”

Week 1

Take a photo of your work space right now. Don’t tidy it up or remove that empty chocolate bar wrapper. Leave that coffee cup ring exactly where it is. What does your work space look like at this exact minute in time?
We need to start the year off right with a clean slate . . . or in this case a clean workspace. Clear you work space completely. What to do with everything on your desk or table? Set up some boxes or baskets: one for things that don’t have a place yet, one for yard sale, one for donations. Put everything away if it already has a home or into one of these 3 boxes. Now scrub! Clean every blob of glue and scrap of paper off your work space. Look at that shine!!

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