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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Today's Tip

Chipboard Title Letters

Want a great title technique.  With chipboard and some acrylic paint, you can make letter tiles to spell out almost any title!!!

And, do you know the best source of chipboard I've found?  Rip apart an old binder, the kind your kids use in school!!!  Once you rip off the vinyl, there is nice THICK chipboard in there!  Just think of all the ones you've thrown away in the past!!!!  If you want lighter-weight chipboard, consider packaging material, old cereal boxes, shoe boxes...... all very useful.

Supplies Needed:  chipboard; scissors or craft knife; acrylic craft paint to match your project; rub-on letters, alphabet rubber stamps and stamp pads, or letter stickers; clear acrylic sealer and sandpaper are (optional)

Cut the chipboard to a suitable size/shape and paint to match the project you are working on.  Let the paint dry (very quick with acrylic paint) and then apply your choice of letters.

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